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Life Insurance

Life insurance is not one size fits all proposition. Whether you are looking for short term protection or balancing your portfolio to protect assets down the road, our chief concern is your peace of mind. We focus on people, not products. Understanding your unique needs and goals allows us to find the perfect fit for you.

Life insurance is utilized not only for death benefit protection but also is for the living benefits. Many policies today have features that allow an insured to access their death benefit while living if they were to need care due to an unfortunate accident, illness or long-term care event. Not everyone realizes that it can help you reach goals throughout your life. You can use it to build and protect your wealth. Life insurance is afforded some of the best tax advantages in the US Tax code. A properly designed life insurance policy offers insureds great flexibility through tax free death benefits, tax free accumulation of cash values and tax free distributions. The leveraged built-in tax advantages of life insurance are a strategy that adds flexibility and diversification to your financial well being.

Protect Wealth: The death benefit transfers income tax-free and potentially estate tax-free leaving more for your beneficiaries.
Access Wealth: You can access your policy cash value by taking income tax-free policy loans or withdrawals, which won’t impact your tax bracket or create tax exposure.
Build Wealth: Many policies offer cash value potential that can grow with tax advantages more traditional assets don’t have. These tax-advantaged assets can help you accumulate more in the long term.*