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What We Do

Life Insurance

Life insurance is not a one size fits all proposition. Our experienced team has access to leading-edge solutions that are tailored to you and your family’s priorities. Whether you are looking for short term protection or balancing your wealth portfolio to protect assets down the road, our chief concern is your peace of mind. We focus on people, not products. Understanding your unique needs and goals allows us to find the perfect fit for you.

Disability Insurance

Protecting the income you earn today from future catastrophe is essential to maintaining your family’s comfort in difficult times. With a comprehensive background in disability protection, Keybridge is able to match the perfect policy to keep the life you are living today intact no matter what tomorrow brings. For business owners, disability insurance provides additional incentive to key persons in your organization on top of existing company policies.

Long Term Care

Keybridge understands how hard you have worked for the wealth you have attained. The rising costs of home care and hospital stays can pose a tremendous burden on both your retirement and your family in the event you should require prolonged assistance in your golden years. Our aim is to devise a sound strategy to shield your assets from that burden and allow you to focus on enjoying your life today knowing that you and your hard work are protected in any eventuality.

Employee & Executive Benefits

Providing your valued employees and key personnel with competitive benefits and policy packages is a winning strategy in today’s climate. Retaining talent from top to bottom can be costly. Our expertise has helped small, medium, and large businesses increase their bottom line while lowering their executive turnover through customized policy packages tailored for their companies.

Business Planning

Entrepreneurs have an incredible talent to get an idea into the marketplace and generate cash flow. But what happens next? Succession planning, benefits packages, key person retention, and exit strategy are essential aspects of any entrepreneurial journey. Our team will analyze your business and offer solutions to assist you in making the important decisions that happen after you have built your company. We are here to help you follow through on your vision for sustained success.

Wealth Transfer Planning

Wealth transfer planning involves the smooth transition and distribution of wealth according to your wishes. With proper estate planning, you decide to whom, how, and when your assets will be distributed, as well as who will manage your estate or business. Special issues you may deal with are providing financial security for others, planning for children of a previous marriage, equalizing inheritances fairly, and retiring from your business. Wealth transfer planning also involves the management of assets during disability or incapacity.